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Wellwood Manor was originally built almost 100 years ago in 1928 during the "Roaring Twenties". This magnificent brick residence emanated the Tudorbethan style or Tudor revival architecture including windows designed with half-timbering and consoles.


By the late 1990's, Wellwood Manor fell deep into disrepair and was declared a blighted property in 2011. With it's future at stake, a property developer with a penchant for historical buildings, fell in love with the charm of Wellwood Manor and what it could become.


In 2012, Wellwood Manor underwent a total renovation down to the framework. Carpet was removed to expose the original hardwood floors from yesteryear. Marble covered the bathroom floors and the showers and baths were lined with ceramic tile. Granite countertops were placed as a sturdy alternative to flimsy formica for a long-lasting effect. The Custom-made replica entrance doors to each building were handcrafted by a local Merchantville craftsman. The window frames were original and disintegrated as the craftsman installed the new, high-efficiency windows. The courtyard that was once overgrown with trash and weeds, was given fresh sod, beautiful flowers with counsel from the Merchantville Garden Club. In order to keep the plantings lush and beautiful, a energy-efficient sprinkler system was installed. A fountain was placed in the courtyard inspired by a fountain at the entrance to the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy. Most importantly, new signage was erected displaying proudly that Wellwood Manor is here to stay for at least another 100 years.



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